Simple Machines is pleased to announce the official release of SMF 2.1

in News on 09 Feb 2022

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SMF 2.1.0 Released
Finally this release marks the transition of SMF 2.1 into the current stable release of SMF. Kudos team!!

Quote from: SesquipedalianDear Members,

Simple Machines is pleased to announce the official release of the long awaited SMF 2.1.

This means that:

  • SMF 2.1 is now the recommended version for use on live production forums. We encourage everyone to start planning for an upgrade to SMF 2.1.
  • SMF 2.0 remains supported and will continue to receive security updates for the foreseeable future, but this release officially marks the end of further 2.0 development. We will release a separate announcement for any future changes to SMF 2.0's status.

Notable changes in 2.1

The changes between SMF 2.0.x and SMF 2.1 are too many to count, but here are a few highlights:

  • New features for users
    • A new WYSIWYG editor, SCEditor
    • Real-time alerts in addition to email notifications
    • A new default theme with full support for mobile devices
    • Draft messages (you can save & resume later)
    • Mentions using @name syntax
    • Drag & drop attachments
    • Attachments can be embedded directly into post text
  • New features for moderators and administrators
    • An improved Administrator Control Panel
    • Support for moderator groups, not just individuals
    • Many security enhancements, including support for optional Two Factor Authentication
    • IPv6 support
    • Designed with GDPR support
  • New features for modification and theme authors
    • A massive expansion of the number of integration hooks available
    • More powerful BBCode possibilities
    • Background tasks
    • New capabilities in the Package SDK

You can learn more about the many new features and changes in SMF 2.1 here.

How to install a new SMF 2.1 forum

You can install SMF 2.1 using the "Full Install" package from the Download page.

Please refer to the Online Manual for more details about installing.

How to upgrade to SMF 2.1

You can upgrade to SMF 2.1 from any previous version using the "Large Upgrade" package from the Download page.

Be aware that upgrading to SMF 2.1 will remove any modifications you may have installed on your existing SMF forum, and that SMF 2.1 is incompatible with custom themes designed for earlier versions of SMF. You will need to install new versions of those modifications and/or themes after upgrading. Many modifications and themes have already been updated by their authors to support SMF 2.1, but you may wish to check the status of individual modifications or themes before proceeding.

Please refer to the Online Manual for more details about upgrading.

With this release we'd like to take the opportunity to recognize the effort and dedication of all the people who have volunteered their time to help the SMF project. We would like to thank everyone, past and present, who has contributed to the development of SMF over the past years.

Finally, as always, please do not use this topic for support requests. You will receive a much quicker and better response by asking for help in the SMF 2.1.x Support board.

Thank you for using SMF!

Simple Machines

PixelfyStudio Team
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