Top 5 SMF plugins must-haves

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In this article I share with you the top 5 SMF modifications must-haves. From landing pages, SEO, Google Adsense to Spam protection. If you're starting to run your own SMF installation, these modifications are a great way to start your journey with SMF and it might help you sleep better at night.

Website: reCAPTCHA: Easy on Humans, Hard on Bots
Mod: reCAPTCHA for SMF

This modification allows you to use Google's reCAPTCHA instead of the built-in Visual Verification system. It supports the SMF 2.0 series.

Website: Social Login, Sign On & Social Network
Mod: Social Login

OneAll Social Login allows your users to connect with one click to your Simple Machines Forum by using their social network accounts.
Over thirty different social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, Yahoo, GitHub, Windows Live and others supported.

Mod: Optimus

This mod might help you solve some problems associated with indexing of your forum by search engines.

3 Portals to choose from

Website: TinyPortal - Home
Mod: TinyPortal

TinyPortal is a mod for Simple Machines Forum (SMF) that adds a powerful and mature Portal to your SMF Forum in minutes, with native integration, without having to worry about bridging, database, and appearance. Your SMF and TP will be a homogenous ensemble from installation. It's up to you and your creativity to use TP's features to customize your site and organize its content.

Website: Site Maintenance
Mod: Simple Portal

SimplePortal is one of several portal mods for Simple Machines Forums (SMF). Although always developing, SimplePortal is produced with the user in mind first. User feedback is the number one method of growth for SimplePortal, and our users are always finding ways for Simpleportal to grow. SimplePortal stays competative with other portal software by adding numerous user-requested features such as articles, block types and the ability to completely customize the portal page.

Website: EzPortal - Portal Software for Forums
Mod: ezPortal

EzPortal is a complete Portal and Webpage system for SMF. It allows you to create your own Homepage, webpages and also allows you to create ezBlocks that shown in any location you choose on your forum.

      Google AdSense - Earn Money From Website Monetization

Mod: Ad Management

This mod will install ads on the top of your page right under the toolbar. You can either choose to have it display on all the pages on your forum, or on three sections of you board. On the board index, thread index, and the thread itself. This mod allows you to turn on and off your ads as you wish. It also allows you to input your ad code in the features and settings section.

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