SMF 2.0 Candidate 4 have been released

in News on 05 Dec 2010

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SMF 2.0 Candidate 4 have been released
Quote from: NorvHello all,

Simple Machines is pleased to announce the immediate release of SMF 1.1.12 and SMF 2.0 RC4 to the public.
This version marks the fourth release candidate for 2.0, and includes about 350 new entries in the change log, consisting mostly of bug fixes, and interface tweaks and fixes mainly for the Curve theme.

We strongly recommend all users of earlier releases to upgrade to this release, because it contains a few security and privacy fixes, for both the 1.1.x line and 2.0.

As far as 2.0 RC4 is concerned, we are confident there are no major problems with this release, however there can still be. While we are still testing it, we recommend to not use it on live sites, unless you are comfortable with running software not yet considered stable.

Main points of this 2.0 release include:
  • A couple of security-related fixes.
  • Better compatibility with RTL languages.
  • Several important fixes of attachments handling
  • Several fixes and improvements concerning other database systems, PostgreSQL and SQLite
  • Improvements of the behavior of PM feature in conversation mode
  • Improvements of the behavior for UTF8 charsets
  • Fixes and improvements of integration hooks
Please find the changelog as usual, on the downloads page:

Finally - please do not use this topic for support requests. You will get a much quicker and better response by posting in the relevant support board!


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